Friday, May 02, 2008


This week the French wire service, AFP, recently ran a profile of every resident of the Faroese island of Koltur... both of them. Koltur is occupied by a husband and wife, and a few hundred sheep, and about a half dozen cattle.

Bjoern and Lukka Patursson moved to the island about ten years ago. The island once had a population of about 40 in the 1800s. Two families lived on Koltur and, according to several accounts, would never communicate with each other due to a long forgotten feud.The population of the island dwindled as the fishing industry took off on other islands. The last residents moved off the islands around 1990. The Paturssons learned the island was abandoned a few years later, and asked the government if they could move into the derelict homes. They now spend their time ranching and hosting tourists who come to see the ancient stone houses on the island. They also maintain a website.

The island is connected to the rest of the Faroes (and the world) by wireless phones, and thrice weekly helicopter service. Due to he remoteness of the island, it's unlikely I'd make it to Koltur even if I do embark on my fantasy trip to the Faroes. But in the event they ever stumble upon this site, allow me to say, "hi" to Bjoern and Lukka. Hope you are enjoying your beautiful island.



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