Friday, February 04, 2005

It’s The News!

That’s what I hear a lot when I call people for stories. I’ll identify myself, and the TV station I work for, then the person on the other line will cover the receiver and say something like, “Janet, it’s for you! It’s the news!”

It’s the news. The sentence implies that I am, in fact, The News. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but it makes me giggle every time someone says it. Last week, I decided to try something. It went a little like this…

Me: Hi, this is Matthew Workman calling from News Channel Six. May I speak with Raymond Whitney (not his real name).

Person: Alright, hang on. (covers receiver)… Hey Ray! Pick up the other line! It’s the news!

Raymond: Hello?

Me: I know you were expecting Huey Lewis, but hopefully I’ll do.

This line of extremely sophisticated and understated humor has failed to produce a laugh both times I have attempted it. Perhaps their disappointment (what with me not being Huey Lewis and all) overwhelms their laughter.


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