Saturday, May 13, 2006


Some people, family members mostly, have been asking to see photos of Julie pregnant. So on Mother's Day, I will comply.

Six months along. She considers herself lucky because she's been getting along fine, hasn't puked much, and sleeps pretty well considering there are two babies growing inside of her.

I consider myself lucky because I'm married to her. She's so remarkable that, for a few fleeting moments, I actually believe I'll be able to pull this parenthood thing off. Time will tell.

But for now, I'll remember those birthing lessons and just take deep breaths for the next three months. Perhaps I'll focus on something that brings me joy. The subject of the above photo certainly fits the bill.

Happy Mother's Day, Julie. This time, it's for real.



At 1:52 pm, Anonymous PeiDirt said...

Dude, Julie looks great. You guys sure there are two in there? Does she even look pregnant from behind?


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