Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Julie: I got a treat for you at the store, a box of Ho Hos!

Me: Something's not quite right here.

Julie: I know, the "sell by" date on the Ho Hos is September 11th.

Me: No, it's not that, you bought Ding Dongs.

Julie: Ding Dongs? I could have sworn I got Ho Hos.

Me: Perhaps you did, but these are Ding Dongs, and that means what the Bush Administration says is really true.

Julie: What's that?

Me: September 11th changes everything.



At 10:25 am, Blogger Darrell said...

Are you sure they weren't Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls? those could easily be confused with Ho-Ho's. There's no way Ding Dongs can pass as Ho-Ho's, even in post- 9/11 America where the streets all have names and the Hostess Creme Filled Cupcakes run free.


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