Friday, August 17, 2007


I've got it on good authority that there's not much happening in the Faroe Islands lately. Just some rain, some political infighting in advance of a January election, and a boat crash. The rain can be pretty spectatular, just check out these live webcams on the Faroes. (It's not always raining, so you might actually see something.)

But there is some news coming from the Faroes during these soggy dog days of summer, it seems the Faroes are exporting something other than fish... rock snot. Rock snot is an aquatic plant that can get into waterways and kill all native species. Wildlife officials in Canada and New Zealand are quite concerned with its spread. Now some American waterways are threatened as well. According to a column in the Poughkeepsie Jounal, the first descriptions of rock snot came from the Faroe Islands. Yahoo.

This week's photo of Skálafjørður comes from a photo album that can be found here. He's got lots of great pics there.



At 2:20 am, Blogger Birchsprite said...

this Faroes thing is really taking hold!

At 11:21 am, Blogger thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

I think if you work the system properly, you should be able to get your station to send you "on location" to cover this rock snot story.

Just an idea.


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