Friday, March 07, 2008


Back in September, we told you about that Icelandic pixie, Bjork and her song "Declare Independence." Bjork wrote the song and dedicated it to Greenland and the Faroe Islands hoping that they would eventually follow Iceland's lead and break away from Denmark.

But now the song has her in hot water with the Chinese. Bjork sang the song at a concert in Shanghai this week and shouted out "Tibet" several times during the performance. Chinese officials say they will crack down harshly on any artist who tries to sing in favor of Tibetan independence. If Bjork does it again, she will never be allowed in China again.

China's culture minister said in a statement: "Some artist deliberately turned a commercial show into a political performance, which not only broke Chinese law, but also hurt Chinese audiences' feelings."

Hurt the Chinese audiences' feelings? What about the people of the Faroe Islands? Bjork writes a song for them, then she just gives it away to Tibet without asking permission. That's just not right. The Faroese seem like reasonable people. I'm sure they would have allowed Tibet to use the song as long as they gave it back when they were done. But no... Bjork just made that decision on her own.

This week's Faroe Photo comes from this guy's Flickr Photostream. It's a set of turf roofed homes in Saksun, a village of about 30 on the island of Streymoy. The village is a popular day trip destination for residents of the capitol Torshavn.



At 9:59 am, Blogger Ellen said...

That's one of the coolest Faroe Island pictures I've seen. Love that lush green. Especially since everything I see right now is grey and dull.

And never mind the feelings of the Tibetan people. Feelings? They don't have feelings.


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