Thursday, September 13, 2007


This week's bit of Faroe Islands trivia comes via that Icelandic pixie, Bjork.

On her new album Volta, she's got an song called "Declare Independence." During her tour dates, Bjork has been dedicating the song to Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Iceland got it's independence from Denmark in 1918, but Greenland and the Faroes still have formal links to the old imperial power.

Without getting too far into it, there appear to be quite a few thorny issues around the Faroes declaring independence from Denmark. Opinion polls have the country split 50-50. But perhaps independence proponents will enjoy what statisticians call the "Bjork bump." We'll see.

This week's Faroe photo is from the village of Haldarsvík. The village has a unique octagonal church and a beef with the powers that be in Torshavn. Villagers claim their town is called Haldorsvik or simply Vik. They've altered street signs to reflect the different spelling. Map makers in the capitol have yet to take notice.



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