Friday, May 16, 2008


Russia's news agency reports this week that two Russian fishing trawlers were detained in the Faroese capitol of Torshavn on suspicion of poaching.

Apparently this is part of a long running dispute over where international boundaries begin and end. Norway has also been detaining Russian fishing boats for poaching in its waters.

The dispute could start heating up soon, as the Russians said they're sending ships to the region to protect its trawlers. Now, it's not the navy that's sending these boats, it's the fisheries committee. I don't know how well armed they are.

I've gotten off the subject a little bit. The point is the captains of these ships are protesting the action, but have agreed to stay in Torshavn while the investigation takes place.

I've been looking for a way to get an all-expenses paid trip to the Faroes, perhaps getting work on a Russian fishing boat is just the ticket. It certainly sounds better than my plan to get a free trip to Istanbul.

This week's Faroe photo comes from Vestmanna. It's a relatively large village of about 1,200 people. It's name means "men from the west," because it's believed to be settled by the Irish. Or was that the Norwegians (which wouldn't make sense because they're east of the Faroes)? The village is the departure point for several popular boat tours of the islands and the famous bird cliffs.

According to the village's tourist website, the location's only restaurant serves up Faroese specialities like whale meat and dried fish. But "do not worry, there is also plenty of "normal" food so you will not leave hungry."

I like these people already.



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