Friday, July 11, 2008


When searching for Faroe Islands news online, all you'll usually find is soccer news. Well, this week, the biggest news coming out of the Faroes really is soccer. The Manchester City Football Club (not to be confused with the more famous Manchester United) will be coming to the Faroes next week to play EB/Streymur. They'll be playing the first qualifiying round of the UEFA Cup tournament (it's a really big deal in Europe, I'm told).

Who/what is EB/Streymur? That's a fair question. There's not much information online except a short Wikipedia blurb that explains the team is the product of a 1993 merger between two other teams, one of which was formed in 1913. They play in a town of about 200 people. Man. City's home stadium could seat the entire population of the Faroe Islands.

As always, when a foreign team comes to the Faroes, the home team isn't expected to win. But who knows? Upsets have happened before. For more and better updates, Faroe Man is probably your best source. The game is on the 17th of this month.

For this week's Faroe photo, I was looking for a good picture of the city where EB/Streymur plays. I couldn't find any. Perhaps next week. Instead, I pulled a trio of pictures from a Facebook group on the Faroes. The top two photos are of the village of Gjógv. We've featured pictures of the village before, but there are a lot of good Gjógv photos out there. It's popular with the tourists and the shutterbugs, and it's not hard to see why.

The bottom photo was taken in the village of Bøur. It's a village of about 71 people. An online reference site contains an amusing legend surrounding the village, it involves one brother beheading another, absolution from a bishop, and eventual ruin for the non beheaded brother. It's quite a read.
All photos this week come from this woman's Facebook album. There are lots of great photos there.



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