Friday, December 12, 2008


The holidays are coming, and that means that news of all sorts is drying up. So it is with the Faroes. But a google search did produce the following story, and I actually managed to find a photo that is surprisingly applicable. That's right, this foggy image you see above is actually tied into this week's story.

An online news source says the Faroe Islands is considering sending more hospital patients to Iceland. This year, the Faroese National Hospital sent about 20 people to Iceland to get treatment for cancer. Officials are considering a deal that would up that number to about 200 patients receiving treatment for many different illnesses.

Greenland is considering such a deal as well. But really, who pays attention to Greenland?

The above photo, as near as I can tell, it a view from a hospital room in Torshavn. It was posted to a facebook group by a Manchester City fan who got sick while watching his team play in the Faroes. The Faroese team offered him a ride back on the team plane when he got better. Cool story, actually.

This week's Faroe photo is another from Arne List's collection. It's of a small village called Gásadalur. According to a Danish website, Gásadalur has a rock inhabited by dwarfs. Once one supposedly threw a very sharp knife at a man. This was actually considered a good thing, because the knife could cut through anything, no matter how sharp. Certainly that could come in handy at some point.



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