Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today a friend showed me a blog that I must share with those I love.

In Provo, Utah there is a pretend Mormon bishop named Bishop Higgins who keeps an almost daily blog for members of his pretend ward. It is extremely funny.

In the most recent post, Bishop Higgins profiles a ward member who ran for the Wisconsin senate, lost money at a dog track, and now helps fellow ward members get seats at Olive Garden.

The Bishop also breaks down the most and least popular sins of the past week. Wizardry scored low in last week's tally.

So if you're Mormon and you'd like to have a laugh at your expense, I highly recommend this site. And if you're not Mormon and you'd like to have a laugh at our expense, help yourself.


At 12:33 pm, Blogger Reluctant Kerry said...

I take exception with this site for ONE reason:

This is NOT a myth:

"70% of all Mormons (recent poll) think Ryan Seacrest is one of the three Nephites"

There is actually some very compelling evidence supporting this thesis


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