Friday, February 06, 2009


About two years ago, I got a random hit on this blog from the Faroe Islands. This led me to investigate just where the hit came from. After several weeks of online research a full-on obsession had developed, which I documented in this blog post from June of 2007.

Pretty soon, news and trivia from the Faroes became a regular feature of this blog and I actually got a small handful of readers from the Faroe Islands, including Tollakkur Hansen, who at the time I only knew by his online handle of "Faroe Man." Tollak encouraged me to get onto facebook, where he introduced me to several other people from the Faroes.

Now our friendship and mutual interest in the Faroe Islands has gone multi-media. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce the Faroe Islands Podcast. The podcast is a collaboration between me and Faroe Man and a few other people both here and in the Faroes. Each podcast deals with the news, culture, politics, and music of the Faroe Islands.

We've put out two episodes so far and a third one should hit the net early next week. It's a completely homemade affair, but freeware and Skype mean you can put together a nice sounding podcast for almost nothing.

How to listen? Let me count the ways. First, you can go to iTunes and subscribe there. If you search for "Faroe Islands Podcast," we'll be the only thing that turns up. Second, you can download episodes directly by going here. At the blog you can find links to the RSS feed, directly download individual episodes, or listen to the most recent installment on our embedded audio player.

Not enough? Ok. We're on Facebook, too. At our new Facebook page, you can get more information on the podcast and listen to individual episodes. What more can you possibly want?

I'll also post notices here when new episodes are completed. So there.
This week's Faroe Photo comes from Faroe Man's brother, Janus. It's a lighthouse, and Tollak thought it was an appropriate image to associate with the podcast. He said something about the podcast being a beacon of light in the darkness or something like that. Scandinavians do those kinds of metaphors better than I. So that's all for now. Happy listening. If you have any comments or suggestions, let me know.

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