Wednesday, April 01, 2009


In 2005, a moment of passion had lifelong consequences, and we have two little boys to prove it. In the aftermath, we conducted an investigation to determine just how such a thing could have happened. We thought we had figured it all out, but, well…

It has happened again.

I started puking a few weeks ago and went to the doctor and they told Julie she was pregnant. At least that’s how I remember it.

To answer your first question, there is only one kid growing inside Julie. This is great news because twins… well… so here’s the thing with twins… we love Nate and Will and are so happy that they are in our lives. But having two newborns in the house is the most awful thing in the entire world, except for having three newborns in the house.

The due date is October 14th, and we don’t know the gender. Julie is fine. I’m the only one puking.

This means we have to buy a minivan.


At 9:20 am, Blogger Britt said...

Wow. You crazy kids. Congrats.

At 9:39 am, Anonymous patatomic said...

Gettin' weepy over here.

At 9:43 am, Blogger Ellen said...

yay! very happy for you guys.

At 11:00 am, Anonymous pb™ said...

Not buying it.


At 12:16 pm, Blogger Workman said...

You're right to doubt, pbTM, but this one is for real.

At 5:07 pm, Blogger Dave and Shannon said...

Yea for the Workman family! We are happy for you ... but sad that you'll have to buy a minivan. It's hard to turn those into cool...but i'm sure you can do that too.


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