Wednesday, November 03, 2010


So what to make of Tuesday’s election results? It’s conventional wisdom that the president’s party loses congressional seats in the midterms. But this looks bigger than “oh, well, you lose a few.” Especially in the House of Representatives, it was more like “you lose a lot.”

I was hoping that I could offer something insightful or perhaps even witty now that most of the races have been decided. But this is one of those annoying moments where it’s not all that accurate to say that everything has changed, but everything has stayed the same, too.

On most major issues, the congress has been paralyzed for some time. After the election, it will still be paralyzed, but for different reasons. Representatives will still shout, one party will accuse the other of being obstructionist, the other will counter that the party in power isn’t interested in compromise. The House of Representatives will almost certainly spend their first week or so passing dozens of bills that will be declared dead on arrival in the Senate.

Put another way, the country’s problems will continue to fester while both parties do little more than posture for the 2012 elections… which I predict Obama will win (you heard it here first).

At least some of the nuttiest candidates didn’t make it into the senate. Christine O’Donnell, who never stood a chance anyway, has been sent back to her coven to figure out another way to get back on TV. And Sharon Angle will never get the chance to tell us what she would do if elected to the Senate, but that’s probably for the better. I imagine she lost once Nevada voters realized that the only person standing between their state and the rest of America’s nuclear waste is Harry Reid.

Rand Paul is headed to Washington, though, and that’s probably not a positive development. I used to think, “how much harm can one crazy person do?” In the Senate, the answer is “quite a lot.”

But still the question remains: what to make of these results? The TV pundits say that America is angry and nervous about the future, and I guess they’re right. I can’t see anyone getting any less angry over the next two years.

The Daily Show will likely continue to be funny. Other than that, not much else to say about the end of this dreary election season, or the equally dreary presidential race that is scheduled to start… right about… now.


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