Friday, October 26, 2007


A French news report finds the Faroe Islands have the world's highest adoption rate. Now when the total population of the entire country is 47,000, it only takes about a dozen adoptions to grab the world's top spot.

Adoptions in recent years have come from India, Korea, Bulgaria and Ethiopia.

The article notes that there has been a long tradition of adoption in the Faroes:

"In the last century, mothers who had many children or who lost their husbands at sea often gave one or several of their children away to childless women."

While I come from a loving family that is entirely alive and well, I would be open to adoption offers from some nice family on the Faroes. Not many people are interested in adopting adult children but... well... you never know.

This week's Faroe Photo comes from the island of Kultur, population: 2. Two families used t live on the island, and they had a long standing feud. Then nobody lived on the island. Now a single couple lives there. Perhaps they'd like to adopt a child.



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