Saturday, November 17, 2007


Google Earth is cool and everything, but if you're looking for images of the Faroe Islands, you're out of luck. You can see the islands when zoomed fully out, but that's about it. If you zoom in even one click, it all turns to mush.

But, quite by accident, I have stumbled upon a pretty good resource for maps and satelite photos of the Faroes. It's called Kagi.fo, and that's just about all I know about it. I had to spend about a half hour messing around with it before I realized there was an "English" button that made some of the instructions a little easier. The interface is a bit clunky, but if you click the "orthophoto" option on the left, you can start to navigate your way through the satallite images.

And that's where the fun begins. If you're familiar with the placement of villages on the islands, you can swoop in and check out landmarks and football pitches and the like. And the resolution is pretty good in most places, especially in Torshavn. If you've got a bunch of time to burn, I highly recommend you check it out.

This week's Faroe photo comes from this guy's Flickr stream. It's the village of Nólsoy, which is on the island of the same name. Nólsoy is the island visible from the capitol village, Torshavn. It's also the home of many relatives of Ogie, a regular reader of this blog. This pic is for you, Ogie.



At 10:36 am, Blogger Ogie said...

Thanks Workman. It is a beautiful place with about 250 people.

The whale bones you see were not always there. When I was there the last time they had collapsed and were just laying on the ground. I believe they put them back up as a beautification of the village when the queen of Denmark was coming to visit. It is now a landmark of the village along with the mountain on the island.

I wish I was there now.

I guess they are still talking of putting an airport on the island. I hope that it doesn't go through. I believe it will ruin the charm of the island. I hope it stays the way it is now at least until I get back there to visit.

At 10:40 am, Blogger Ogie said...

Just so your readers know that Kagi.fo only works if you are using Internet Explorer. I use Firefox most of the time and it doesn't work I had to switch to IE.


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