Tuesday, January 22, 2008


As I mentioned last week, we spent the holidays in the barren wasteland of Phoenix, Arizona. When we returned, Nate and Will were happy to see all their old stuff was still in the living room. I had some lovely captions to go with each photo, but I'm still pretty ill and need to get to sleep. So enjoy these photos. (For those keeping score at home, Will in in the Red, Nate is in gray.)

I'll butt in here for just a second to explain these final two shots of Will. Nate and Will have become quite enamored of a little rocking chair that sits in their bedroom. The chair actually belonged to me when I was a little boy and my parents brought it up here before our little guys were born. So here's Will in the chair.And Will with his teddy bear.That's all. Good night.

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