Friday, March 28, 2008


I know it may feel like this blog is stalking my friend, Thomas, but it's just a coincidence.

While Thomas was traveling to Norway, he had a connection in Copenhagen. And when he looked at the departure board, he saw this...

That's right, a flight to the Faroe Islands was departing at a nearby terminal. So he took a short journey to see if he could snap a photo of an Atlantic Airways plane. Turns out, he could...

And wouldn't you know it, a flight attendant at the departure gate had a message for me...Of course, Thomas put her up to writing the note, but I look forward to accepting similar invitation from the Faroese Tourism Board one day.In keeping with the aviation theme of this week's post, our Faroe photo comes from Sørvágur, the village closest to the airport. It's a village of about 950 people and there have been buildings on this site since the year 1000. It even has its own soccer team. They play here...Looks like you have to bring your own chair if you're interested in watching.

Just up the road is Vatnsoyrar, it's unique because it is the only Faroese village not located on the sea.

It's population is only 56, and by the looks of it, that may be a liberal estimate. It doesn't look like a very happening place, but there is reportedly a popular "camp school for young people" there.

The island where both villages are located was once occupied by 9,000 British troops. During that time, it was legal to drive on the left side of the road in some areas. Who knew?



At 3:09 pm, Blogger imitate said...

It doesn't sound so much like you're stalking him as it does that maybe you have a little guy-crush on him....

At 3:31 pm, Blogger Ellen said...

That note is awesome. That Thomas must be a true friend.


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