Friday, March 21, 2008


Faroese group "Boys in a Band" played the South by Southwest festival in Austin last week, and were met with favorable reviews. They also played at Canadian Music Week in Toronto where a news report identified them as... a Swedish band? Shame on you, Toronto Star. Shame on you.

Alas, the lads did not travel to the Pacific northwest, so we didn't get to see them up here. Maybe some other time. My friend heard an interview with them on Norwegian radio a few months ago and thought they sounded pretty fun. Only two band members were interviewed, however. One was too hung over, the other had to be at his day job back on the Faroe Islands.

(Note: The above photo was not taken at SXSW, instead, it was found on this guy's Flickr Photostream. The picture was most likely taken at the Iceland Airwaves festival last year, but I'm not 100% sure.)
In keeping with our musical theme, this week's Faroe photo comes from a singer/songwriter called Elio Pace. A few years ago he played a concert there, and he took some pictures as well. Having never heard any of his music, I can't vouch for him musically one way or another, but he's a pretty decent photographer.



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