Friday, October 03, 2008


Two weeks ago Faroe Friday took a look at at a photo of the Faroese Prime Minister and concluded that he was in some trouble.

Today we learn that there has been a change in the Prime Minister's office. The dust has settled and the Faroe Island's new Prime Minister is Kaj Leo Johannesen. He's a young man, just 44, and he used to be a soccer player. Apart from that... well... I don't know all that much. His Wikipedia page just appeared this afternoon and I've pretty much shared all the information that can be found there.

Nothing is sourced on the page, but I was able to confirm that Johannesen did play on the national team. The Wikipedia page also says he, "got 4 full caps for the Faroes in 1991-1992." I have no idea what that means.

But no matter what a full cap is (holding the other team scoreless?), the political tension appears to have eased somewhat and everyone can go back to their fishing vessels.
This week's Faroe photo comes from, once again, Erik Christensen. It's an image of the shipyard at Klaksvik. As has been mentioned in this space before, Klaksvik is the Faroe's second city. It has a bustling nightlife, considering there aren't even 5,000 people living there. It's also home of the island's only brewery and a movie theater ("The Love Guru" will be playing there next week).

And we end this week's Faroe Friday by sending a special shout out to Faroe Man. His blog has been dormant for a number of reasons, but today I've learned that he's been pretty ill this week. So tonight we send love and prayers across the Atlantic with hopes of a full recovery soon. Hang in there, my friend.

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