Friday, November 21, 2008


The news from the Faroe Islands is a bit thin this week. The internet is abuzz about the Faroe Islands being a part of a loan to Iceland, but you read that here weeks ago.

There's also some story about the Faroe Islands and the island of Jersey sharing tax information, but that story was just too boring to keep reading.

So let's have a little pop music. One of these weeks, I'll post my long-delayed review of Boys In A Band's newest album... perhaps in time for holiday gift giving. But in short, it's good.

But to tide you over, allow me to share a Faroese music video from the 1980s. The Faroese band PlĂșmm scored a major hit in the early '80s with a song called 'Stjornuskot' (shooting star). That they even shot a video is impressive when you consider there wasn't even TV on the Faroe Islands until the mid '80s.

The video is pretty silly by today's standards, and probably even by the standards of the early '80s. Let's face it, sweaters are rarely seen in music videos for a reason. But the song is pretty catchy. Enjoy...

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