Friday, May 01, 2009


I was reading an article in the Irish Times that took a rather dim view of Torshavn's nightlife when I stumbled upon an interesting tidbit:

"Alone among the nations of the world the Faroese have resisted the blandishments of the Coca Cola company and have stuck admirably to the fizzy delights of Jolly Cola."

At first, I thought this Dublin-based newspaper was suggesting that Coca Cola was not available on the Faroes. This would, indeed, have been an incredible fact. Of course, it's not true. I have it on good authority that both Coke and Pepsi can be acquired on the Faroe Islands. So much for my great scoop.

But the truth of the matter, as far as I can figure, is still pretty impressive. Jolly Cola is a Danish brand, and it appears the beverage is the market leader in the Faroe Islands. I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out if there's any other country where Coke and Pepsi were outsold by another brand. While I can't say definitively that this has happened nowhere else, it's safe to say it is pretty unusual.

I'm told by people who should know that Jolly Cola is "yummy." If this ad is to be believed, it also makes Danish women with spectacular breasts hate you, then become sexually attracted to you...

I don't know how accurate this ad is, but I think I'd like to try me some Jolly Cola. Not for the reason you might think. If I'm drinking some Jolly, it probably means I'm in the Faroe Islands.

This week's Faroe photo comes from Erik Christensen. It's an image of Klaksvik, the town where the Faroese version of Jolly Cola is made.




At 5:37 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Apparently, Scotland's favorite soft drink is IrnBru which outsells Coca http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irn-Bru


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