Saturday, May 23, 2009


We're starting right with the photo for this week's Faroe Friday feature. It's a picture of the Prime Minister's office in Torshavn. (I'm told the bloom in the foreground is the national flower.)

I've chosen this image because I actually had a chance to interview the Faroese Prime Minister this week for the podcast I do about the Faroes.
Now I've tried not to make this blog a promotional arm of the podcast, but this will be an exception. I mean, I still post information about the Faroes here, and now I've spoken with that nation's most important elected leader. That seems like it merits a mention here.

The 30 minute conversation was fun. Prime Minister Kaj Leo Johannesen was once a soccer player and played on the national team before entering politics. He's well spoken and (not surprisingly) has a great affection for his home. He loves the Faroes so much that he would even agree to speak with a person such as me.

You can hear the interview by looking for the Faroe Islands Podcast on iTunes or you can download it directly here:

This week's photos come from Arne List. He's got a great collection of images of the Faroes on Flickr. It is well worth checking out.



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