Tuesday, October 13, 2009


After four days in a hospital, it was time to take Eliza home. So we dusted off one of the old car seat what Will used ands strapped her in.
And we dusted off Julie, too... she cleaned up nice...

Once home, little Eliza got to relax on her new favorite cushion.
And I got to enjoy my new job description.
But what was all this like for Eliza? It's hard to know exactly, but I tried to get an Eliza-eye view of the arrival in our home. So when we got into the garage, I held Eliza's car seat in one hand, and our little hand-held camera in the other. So now you can see what she saw when she came home.

Actually, you can see more than she saw. I think she was asleep for the whole thing...


At 6:22 am, Blogger Suzanne said...

Congratulations, what a beuatiful baby girl you have. 3 for 3!

At 12:36 pm, Blogger Maren said...

Perfect and adorable big brothers! Beautiful family :)


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