Tuesday, November 10, 2009


She's been with us a month now, and it hardly seems longer than three weeks.

Eliza is growing fast. The doctor says she's gaining about 1.5 ounces per day. Supposedly that's good. So any photos we take are rendered inaccurate within moments.
But we took some photos on Sunday and are posting them as quickly as possible with the hopes that we can catch this brief moment before Eliza grows out of it.
Here we see Eliza in a pink outfit provided by none other than Patricia Hawkins. Accent jewelery from Pamela Rust.
And it appears if she has blue eyes. We'll consider that good news if it means she's got my vision.
Of course, there are two other blue-eyed persons in our home who have gotten neglected in the photos on this blog. But rest assured, there doing just fine...
Next to Eliza, Nate and Will really do seem like big boys. Also, Nate appears to be flipping off the camera, while Will is flashing a gang sign. And that's very adult.


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