Thursday, February 25, 2010


So after an absence of several months, I'm tiptoeing back into the whole blogging thing. I'm still short of time for writing things, but you people really just want photos of people who aren't me, so let's start that way.

Yesterday everyone was tired, so we all took naps. (Everyone except Julie.) When it was time to wake up , nobody was really interested in that. When Julie came into the living room, she came upon this scene, which I swear wasn't posed... Will also had a hard time waking up and wasn't game for taking pictures...
And Nate refused to participate at all. So we built a wax figure of him and photographed that instead...
More to come. But if you want to see other stuff I'm doing when I'm not on this space, I am on the Twitter and doing a podcast about the Faroe Islands. But I'm really going to be better about this space.


At 7:07 pm, Blogger Jamie said...

Matt Workman! Do you remember me? It's ok if you don't since it's been like 20 years since we first shared an English class at UVCC, then were both in the BYU 60-something ward where I was neighbor girl to Haus of Fun...anyway, I found a link to your blog on the blog of my childhood Tucson friend, Devin Colvin. It kind of blew my mind because Devin is from my Tucson world and you are from my Provo world and I forget these can overlap. So weird. Anyway, hello. Your family is beautiful and it is good to see an old friend at least LOOKING well and happy. Coem see me over at "Life in a Northern Town."


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