Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Oh crap! It's late in the day and I've not written here.

Not much time to write anything profound (although it has never stopped me before), but I'll offer one short take on Thanksgiving, a holiday I like in theory--who can say being thankful for stuff is bad?--but hate in practice.

Mostly it's a turkey thing. I really don't like eating turkey. Don't like holidays centered around meals at all. And this one is a doozy. It can last for hours and, if there are strangers around, I'm subjected to a constant barrage of questions centered around why I'm not eating turkey and usually ending with a plea to enter therapy.

I'm also somewhat bemused by how traditional Thanksgiving is, at least in terms of gender roles. No matter how progressive a family is, when Thanksgiving rolls around, the wife is in the kitchen and men tend to gather around the TV watching football... even if they don't like football. I don't know that I hate that, but I find it interesting.

And now I've got to go retrieve my car from the window glass replacement shop. A full-length takedown of the holidays will come at a later date.


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