Saturday, November 20, 2010


This is a photo from one of the more amusing moments from the summer. We had friends over and someone turned on the sprinkler and that's all the incentive Nate and Will need to strip down to absolutely nothing.

So they're running around the backyard and eventually they come back inside, where our friend's daughter is playing the piano. They run towards her and she says:

"No, no! No naked boys."

As you see, her command fell on deaf ears.


At 12:43 pm, Anonymous David Band said...

Great photo and funny too. Seems like boys will be boys - I'm just glad that your friends' daughter kept her clothes on! Maybe a good photo to show your boys on their graduation nights? ;)

At 9:06 pm, Anonymous Chris said...

Totally agree with Dave! Very cute picture. Yes boys will definitely be boys alright! If all 3 of them are friends when they grow up, it would be great to show all 3 of them together, I'm sure the girl would get a laugh, although the boys might be a little embarrassed! And I agree with Dave that I'm glad the girl kept her clothing on. Wouldn't really be proper to have her sitting their nude in the pic.

At 5:11 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Dear she must be a special little girl if she can make her friends feel comfortable enough to expose their little wet foreskins and bums and sit right beside her. That girl must of had a great laugh at their expense that day when they all got up and the boys bum prints are still in the sit.

At 9:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon;This will be amusing years from now.


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