Friday, November 12, 2010


Food seems an odd subject for me to tackle, seeing as I have made a name for myself by maintaining the eating habits of a 6-year-old well into my 40s. But it's an interesting subject, so tackle it we must.

Faroese food has a reputation for being... how best to put this... bad. Lots of dried fish and lamb, maybe some whale blubber or, if you're lucky beef. Not very tasty. For years, Faroese restaurants served mostly beef... with your choice of sauce. But things are starting to change.

Part of that change is Leif Sorensen. He worked in the kitchens of some of Europe's finest restaurants before returning to his home in the Faroe Islands to start a fine dining establishment. In this week's podcast, I talk to Sorensen about that experience, and find out if his restaurant was able to survive.

As always, you can listen on iTunes, or you can download the file directly here:


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