Saturday, July 14, 2007


So what do we do with little Scooter? He got convicted of a crime, then the president let him off the hook for his jail time. The president says he's merely commuting Scooter's prison sentence, but we all know Lil' Scooter will have a full pardon before January 19, 2009. This move hasn't been a hit with the American public.

Sure, seeing Libby get off without paying a real penalty can be pretty galling. After all, donors have already paid the fine, and he really doesn't need his law license anymore to make a handsome living. Prison was all that was left, and the president took care of that. Yes, the president is within the law to let Libby off the hook, but many people though the move was immoral and undercut the rule of law in America.

And that's where I disagree. Our president is nothing if not a moral man and, in this matter, I am forced to assume that his compass is working just fine. Clearly, President Bush is exercising the simple Christian values he was elected on.

During the 2000 election campaign, President Bush said Jesus was his favorite philosopher. And in granting Scooter forgiveness, our president is merely following the example Jesus set.

"Hey Matt," you're probably thinking right now, "the President is a thoughtful and intelligent man who is familiar with the story and teachings of his favorite philosopher."

Absolutely, what's your point, dear reader?

"So how is President Bush able to grant forgiveness to Scooter?"

Of course, the Constitution gives the president the right to pardon whomever he pleases, but Christian principles demand a little more. I mean, Jesus didn't just run around forgiving people willy nilly. That would hardly be fair, and would undercut the basic notion of justice.

Jesus only had the power to forgive people because he had taken their sins upon himself. And, based on his deeply held Christian beliefs, that's what you can expect President Bush do. Once he has completed his term in office, our president will report to a federal prison where he will serve Scooter Libby's 30 month sentence.

It will be a noble gesture that will show what a deeply Christian man President Bush really is. Many people can spout off some religious cliches just to please a few voters. But not our president. He walks the walk, my friend, and I am proud he is our leader.

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At 7:29 pm, Blogger thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Ahhh... he's gonna look so cute in that orange jumpsuit.


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