Tuesday, June 19, 2007


No more than 24 hours after I asked in this space if anyone knew of a picture of Shahara Simmons, my dear friend and former boss Darrell emails me a photo. Turns out, it isn't too hard to find, just type the woman's name into a Google image search, and this page comes up. Oh well.

For those just tuning in, Shahara Simmons is the wife of LA Clippers star Elton Brand and the source of an unusually large number of search engine hits to this blog. Her name appeared in the comments section of a post I wrote about 17 months ago. The post was about an LA Clippers baseball cap I used to own. Since then, more than 100 people have come to this site looking for Sharaha Simmons information, and have left largely empty handed.

But two days ago I posted a message I received from Sharara's cousin. It said Ms. Simmons was a beautiful person who will go far in life. Now, let's take a look at a picture of this woman.

Her cousin wasn't joking. Shahara Simmons is, indeed, a beautiful woman. She and Elton make a striking couple.

There isn't a Wikipedia entry on her, but we've already learned that she's a Duke grad. Other than that, she is a mystery. But at least people that come here searching for her will find a little more information than they did before.

Up Next: My obsession for the Faroe Islands continues.

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At 9:30 am, Blogger Darrell said...

I never checked my post total until now. I'm at 208. I don't know if that number is significant, or not. Now, dammit, I feel like I'm in some kind of competition. What are you now, 203? Like Jerry Seinfeld, I refuse to race.


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