Sunday, September 09, 2007


So over the past few weeks, Will (left) and Nate (right) have occupied themselves with looking cute.Looking extremely cute.And looking so cute that their parents just have to squeal with delight. (It's really quite undignified.)And sometimes flashing their famous toothy grins.But they also do something other than smile with those teeth: they chew on anything in sight.Yes, these boys have turned out to be half-rodent, and must spend a large portion of the day wearing down their mighty incisors. As you can see, they're quite happy to gnaw on wood. They'll also use ribbon.But their favorite thing to chew on these days is their blankets.Here we see Will giving his blanket a good thrashing. This makes little sense to me, as biting and sucking a blanket makes it soggy, thus reducing it's value of an insulator. But Nate doesn't seem to care, either as he chews on his sock monkey.And all this chewing and drooling has one obvious conclusion. That's right, once again our little photo session is cut short by one unnamed baby boy (Will) who believes a SLR camera can be just as cuddly as a blanket.Oh Will, what will we do with you?

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