Monday, October 29, 2007


We're a little late in posting this week's baby pictures, so please excuse the delay. But in return for your patience, I hope we can serve up a heaping helping of cuteness.Above you can see the little guys hanging out on a Saturday. (That's Nate on the left, and Will on the right, for those of you who can't tell them apart.) They crossed the 15 month mark last week and are looking less and less like babies and more and more like little boys. But we firmly believe they're still cute.I mean seriously, check out the above photo of Will. If that were in black and white, he could have been one of those silent film matinee idols. And Nate has retained cuteness, too, during the transition to toddlerhood.Notice how cute he looks despite the fact that his mother dressed him in a slightly girly jumper. Lucky for us, the guys like to be photographed, but some of their poses are a little too provocative for publication.In other news, Will continues to walk longer an longer distances, and his parents continue their attempts to capture it on film.Julie and I were away for much of the week, so we were happy to have some time to spend with the twins this weekend. Will and played another round in our continuing contest: Who has the best bead head?I'm pretty sure I won that round. But will bested me at his favorite game: Lick the plastic object.Meanwhile, Julie enjoyed some quiet time with Nate...

And that's where we'll have to leave it for this week, but we may break in mid week for a review of this year's Halloween costumes. Until then...
Sweet dreams.

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At 8:40 am, Blogger thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

It's funny you said that, about them looking less like babies and more like little boys. I glanced at some of the pictures before I read the entry itself, and thought the exact same thing.

And, yes, they haven't compromised their cuteness at all.


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