Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Several months ago, I wrote of the sketch comedy troupe The State and how excited I was that their neglected work was finally getting he DVD release it so richly deserves.

After several unsuccessful attempts to find it on Amazon, I went to The State's website so see what was going on. There I find this distressing statement:

"We are sorry to report The State DVD is now NOT being released this fall. We worked closely with MTV to make a great DVD set with lots of extras for the show, and the DVDs are completed, but they has chosen not to release the set at this time. We don't know why."

It's unclear from this post if MTV or its parent company Viacom will ever release the set. But it seems ironic that this company polices YouTube to make sure you don't illegally watch any of their copyrighted material, then makes it impossible for you to buy it legally.

Well, to hell with them. Here's another cool clip from The State. Perhaps one day we'll actually be allowed to buy it.



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