Thursday, January 31, 2008


We've long held that our kids are the cutest in the world. Indeed, check out this recent photo of Nate...
And this one of Will...But one detail these photos reveal is their shagginess. Indeed, they've never really had a haircut in their lives. Their grandfather trimmed a little in the back last fall to keep them from having baby mullets, but that's it. So it was time to do the deed. Nate went first.You may notice that's not me back there manning the clippers. I've got a unsteady hand, and those babies are pretty squirmy. Not a good combination. So our nanny's husband offered to step in to help. Things actually went pretty well at first. Nate found the clippers ticklish. But that soon ended...But Nate endured...And was only a bit traumatized at the end.Then came Will, and the kitchen became a chamber of terror...Will hated getting his haircut.Blood curdling screams filled our home as we tried unsuccessfully to trim his hair.After what seemed like an eternity, the ordeal was over.Then it was cleanup time.And when they got dried off, it was hard not notice something (Will is in the red, and Nate is in the blue, for those keeping score at home.)...Nate and Will looked a lot less like babies and more like little boys.It was exciting to see, but a part of me mourned the passing of their little baby hairdos. It's just a reminder how quickly the time passes, and how fast they grow.And they're also much harder to tell apart with these new haircuts. So tomorrow morning should be really fun.

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At 4:07 am, Blogger Birchsprite said...

They are definitely turning into proper little boys!

So cute

At 10:47 pm, Blogger Ellen said...

wishing my boy would ever grow some hair! they are getting so big... and still as cute as ever!

At 1:41 pm, Blogger thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Might I suggest tattoos?


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