Saturday, March 29, 2008


This was supposed to be a primary election that nobody cares about, but the heavy hitters keep rolling through town.

Barack Obama was in town last week, and Hillary Clinton is scheduled to be in town in a week or two. Then late Friday, word came that Bill Clinton will make a campaign stop here on Sunday.

The announcement comes during a week where Hillary was wrapped up in a controversy over her recollections of a trip to Bosnia and some prominent Democrats are calling for her to withdraw from the race. Obama came following controversy surrounding his pastor, so perhaps there's a pattern here.

Obama is expected to win Oregon by a pretty substantial margin, but the fact that both sides are making a play for the state is a pretty good indication of just how tight this race is.

As a reporter, this is as fun as it gets. Wonderful, newsworthy events blow through town on the weekend and the weekend posse gets to cover the whole thing. Bill is even thoughtful enough to show up on a Sunday, the slowest news day of the week. Thanks Bill.

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