Saturday, April 05, 2008


Two weeks ago, while all the media was getting themselves into a lather over Barack Obama's imminent arrival southern Oregon, Hillary Clinton's campaign made an announcement: "Me too!" they said.

They said Hillary would make a campaign stop "very soon." They offered no other details, and that made my B.S. detector go off. If they really had a visit scheduled, they'd say when. But they didn't. I told my coworkers, "Mark my word, she's not coming."

For the past two week's we've called her campaign almost every day asking if any plans had been made. Each time they said they'd get back to us. When Bill Clinton came to town last weekend, we were assured the visit was in addition to, not in lieu of, a Hillary visit.

Then Hillary announced her plans to visit Oregon, and we weren't anywhere on the itinerary. This isn't all that unusual, presidential candidates have crazy schedules that are subject to change. But its hard not to feel used by these people. They drop a news release saying she's coming to town just before the Obama visit, thus insuring they get a mention in every story we did about his visit. Then when it actually comes time to deliver on the promise, they're nowhere to be found.

Hillary's people have promised that she will find her way to southern Oregon, "before the campaign is over." Of course, if you look at the delegate count, you could argue that it already is.

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