Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I have been criminally delinquent in my fatherly duties surrounding posting pictures of the little guys here. So no more messing around, no more idle chat, here's some baby action. First up, Will sitting in the backyard on a chilly June afternoon.

And the same running through the backyard...And once again, Will standing in the backyard...How about Nate? Well, he spend some time standing in the backyard, too...And watching TVAnd walking around topless...But despite the fact that I haven't posted any baby photos here in about 3 weeks, that's just about our entire stock of new baby photos. Instead, the guys have caught the video bug. They love having videos of themselves taken. They really like watching them on TV. So here are some of the greatest hits. None are much longer than 30 seconds.

First up is one of a series of 8,000 videos in the "child tries to take camera" series. In this video... well... one of our kids tries to take the camera.

Even more popular is the video of them watching TV and trying to do the hokey pokey. In the post modern tradition, they actually prefer watching themselves watching the hokey pokey than actually doing the hokey pokey.

But none of these creations can possibly compete with "Downward Facing Baby." In this 30 second classic, Will does a yoga pose, then discovers there's a camera pointed at him. He promptly runs towards the camera. That's it. But when Nate and Will watch it, they can't stop laughing. And not just giggling, loud, raucous belly laughing. Then they ask to see it again. And as the 25 seconds pass until Will charges the camera, they titter with excitement until the payoff happens. It never gets old... for them anyway.

So please allow me to present... Downward Facing Baby...

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At 8:31 am, Blogger Darrell said...

I want to affirm for you the wisdom of what you are doing. last week, my 18-year-old grabbed the home movies from his first two years. We sat down with him and the girlfriend and watched for hours.
They day will come, and it will get here before you know it, when these will be like treasure.
Enjoy them now but be alert for what they will mean to you ina couple of decades.


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