Friday, July 18, 2008


The big news on the Faroe Islands this week involves the arrival of a British Premier League team. Manchester City was in town to play EB/Streymur in the opening round of the UEFA '08 tournament. Not surprisingly, the Faroese team lost, 0-2.

But the most interesting story is about a bunch of rabid Man City fans that chartered a fishing trawler to see the game. They couldn't afford the flight, so they drove all day to Scotland, took a ferry to the Shetland Islands, then were to board a fishing boat for a 26 hour journey to the Faroes. A soccer magazine even supplied the lads with free beer for the journey.

The plan hit a snag when high seas prevented the boat from leaving on time. (link contains an amusing BBC story on the subject.)

Then a group of concerns including The Sun newspaper and the Faroese national airline sent a plane over to get the fans to the game.

Faroe Man has a more detailed telling of the story, complete with links.

This week's Faroe photo is the view from the nation's highest mountain. If Wikipedia is to be believed, that mountain is called Slættaratindur. The photo, and many more, can be found at this woman's photo gallery on Facebook.



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