Friday, September 05, 2008


A series of illnesses and poorly timed events leave me with almost no time to jot down much of a Faroe Friday post. But I have a sacred responsibility to the islands, so I'll just share a bit of trivia and call it a night.

Did you know that broadband internet service in the Faroe Islands is very expensive? I've been told it can cost $140 (USD) per month. That seems a bit steep to me. Internet access here costs between $40 and $70, depending on how fast you want it. So to my brethren in the Faroes who are paying the big bucks and still reading this little blog: thank you. I had no idea you had to go through so much.

This week's Faroe photo is from the village of EiĆ°i. It's got a population close to 500, which makes it one of the bigger villages on the island. It also serves as one of the most spectacular locations for a football field I've ever seen.

This looks like it would be a good place to hold international matches. While big guns from countries like Belgium and Germany stood slack-jawed at the natural beauty around them, the part-time Faroese players could kick in goal after goal. (Note to team: feel free to use this strategy free of charge.)

More next week, when hopefully I will have had some sleep.



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