Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Before we leave for Wednesday's Radiohead concert, I thought it best to come through on the promise of trampoline pictures. So here's a humble post about all that.

Trampoline pictures are quite difficult to get because, as always, as soon as you break the camera out, they're more interested in that than anything else. Then, there are the performance issues.

A lot of the time, Will will act like he's about ready to jump, but then stop short.And sometimes he'll just set up shop and hang out for a while.And sometimes Nate will not get in the trampoline at all, forcing you to take pictures of him on he futon instead.But every once in a short while, you'll hit the jackpot.Now because the trampoline is a thing of motion, the best medium to explore this video. So I've posted a video of Will jumping on the trampoline while Nate charges the camera and breaths deeply into the microphone. But be warned, this is really grandparent material. It's only 40 seconds long, but it's still pretty boring.

The only people who would be interested in this are people who are related to these children and recently purchased a trampoline for them. Everyone else, just scroll down a little further and we'll see if we can find something interesting for you...

In the "more interesting" category, we have the second run at the hokey pokey. If you recall, several months ago we posted a video of the little guys trying to do the hokey pokey, but really just staring at a television. Now they're starting to get the hang of it, and it's pretty fun. Nate is the one in the foreground who sticks a finger in each nostril when the song says, "you put your nose in..." Will is, as always on the trampoline. That kid lives on the trampoline.

And there you have it, an almost passable version of the hokey pokey. And in just two short years, they're already better dancers than me. Oh well.

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At 8:37 am, Blogger The Morgan Family said...

allie was just watching the video of the hokey pokey and exclaimed "hey that baby's picking his nose!" nice camera work. i must also say, it's wonderful to see that your home is looking more and more like mine... infested with toys.


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