Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It has been much too long since there have been any cute kid photos here, so let's remedy that...

Last week temperatures went from flirting with 100 to hovering around the freezing mark. So we bundled up the kids and went to the park. And when we go to the park, they will inevitably spend a lot of times on the swings.

That's Will up there, being pushed by his grandma. And below, wearing the blue hoodie, we've got Nate...Nate's getting a push from his mom.Will also got some motherly attention...Taking pictures of the little guys on swings is not an easy thing because, as with all photo sessions, all Nate and Will really want to do is grab the camera.And the quest to get a good photo of both Nate and Will in the same frame continues. They move around so much that it's almost impossible to catch them together. So now that they're confined to swings, this should be a breeze. Just hold the swings and get them to look at the camera. And what we came up with was this...Oh well. The shade made that one a tough proposition anyway. Christmas card season isn't for another few months, so we'll keep trying.

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At 6:45 pm, Blogger Ellen said...

too cute. someday i hope to meet these boys. i think they would get along great with my boy... who is also a swing lover.


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