Monday, October 27, 2008


Ever since John McCain announced his running mate, I've had that sinking feeling that he had gotten the whole enterprise wrong.

I mean, Sarah Palin? Come on! If there are any Palins who should be our vice president, it should start with Michael. Known as the friendliest member of Monty Python, Michael Palin helped redefine sketch comedy in the 20th century. Later he became the host of numerous BBC travel shows and has circled the globe many times.

With just those two facts, Michael far outpaces Sarah in the race for vice president.

I have seen both Palins on Saurday Night Live, and there was no comparison. Michael triumphed, especially in his "feeding the fish" sketch. Sarah's appearance on SNL was nothing short of an abomination. That woman had no business walking the same stage where comedy legends like Gary Kroger once stood.

And with the travel shows, Michael Palin once again shows that he's got a lot more foreign policy understanding than Sarah.

Not surprisingly, I am not the first person to believe that McCain selected the wrong Palin for VP. A search on Google or YouTube for "Michael Palin for president" returns a lot of results. So I'll leave you with a video produced by the good people at michaelpalinforpresiden.com. I only wish I had thought up the idea first.

The photo of Michael Palin comes courtesy of Chipps and is used under a Creative Commons license.

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