Monday, November 24, 2008


Just back from my last day of work at KTVL. The 6 PM newscast was interrupted by a group of my co-workers who bid me goodbye live on the air. I was actually quite moved by the gesture. The 11 PM newscast was a relatively sedate affair. But we all agreed that something else needed to be done.
You see, the weekend crew and morning crew have had a longtime pretend paper ball feud. Its history is pretty simple. Because we have no floor director, we have to throw paper balls at the weather guy to give time cues. Sometimes those time cues don't get picked up. This often annoys Trish, who is one of the best reporters I know and a person I respect very much. But sometimes, well...

We just can't help ourselves. I was hoping to put the blame on someone else, but there's no use. I did it.I hope you don't take our little bit of fun too personally or feel the need to react with violence, Trish. But before you answer that question, ask yourself, could you hit this face?Actually, I'm sure you could.

But to be more serious for a moment, I should say for the record that I will miss Trish and the other people I work with very much. They're a top notch batch of journalists and have fostered an atmosphere you don't see in many newsrooms. They made KTVL a nice place to come to work. Kudos to all of you.

And I promise, I left everything else at the station just as I found it.

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At 6:39 am, Blogger Darrell said...

Alright, I'm kind of sad and happy for you at the same time. The set is nice, the peollpe are nice according to you. It's difficult to see a chapter of your life come to an end. You are extraordinarily bright and talented, and you will be happier a year from now than you were two months ago. I pledge to do wahtever I can to help you.

Now, although it's moot, I have a question. You have to throw paper balls at the weather man to give him time cues? Camera operators can't give time cues? Or, do you have robotic cameras? What about an IFB? This is a mystery with many clues which demands a solution. I've dealth with a lot of work-arounds in my days in broadcasting, but throwing paper balls at someone for time cues is a new one on me.

At 5:14 pm, Blogger thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

That looks like an awesome last day, if I may say so. And it appears I have a lot of catching up to do. What's the next step? I'll poke around on your blog to see if I can find out.

At 12:35 pm, Blogger Jileen said...

I don't know if you remember Jileen Platt from Texarkana but I've been reading your blog for a while. Very funny and interesting stuff I must say! I am so sad that the job has ended there. Hopefully there will be something as wonderful that will come up. Give my regards to Julie and your sweet boys. And I wanted to share a church sign I saw the other day (sorry no picture).

Stop, drop, and roll doesn't work in hell.

You gotta love the south!


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