Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yes, I know it's not Friday anymore, but this is a very busy time for me.

This week, with my trip to the Faroes about five weeks away, we're concentrating on the press. First up, I was the subject of a news story in a Faroese newspaper.

Click the link if you please, but unless you can read Faroese, you may not get much out of it. From what I've been told, the article says I'm coming over there and that I like the Faroe Islands quite a bit. Both are true.

I'm somewhat amused by the photo they used for the story. I used it as as a profile image on Facebook a while back, and it makes me look like an extra on "Miami Vice." Boy, are they going to be disappointed when I arrive.

The second media story comes from the UK. The British newspaper, the Guardian, sent a reporter to investigate the Faroese music scene and do a preview of the upcoming G! Festival. The excellent article uses the music scene to explore larger issues in Faroese society. It is is probably the best thing I've read about the Faroes since the New York Times article two years ago.

The report has two elements, the first is the article:
You can read the article here (highly recommended)

The article is accompanied by an "audio slideshow" which has music and photos from the islands. It runs about 2:30 and is also pretty fun to watch:
The audio slideshow is here.
This week's Faroe photo comes from Arne List's collection on Flickr. It's of Hov on Sudroy. The article in the Guardian reports on a local legend that says the population on the islands is a mix between Vikings and Portuguese pirates who invaded the island hundreds of years ago. This is said to account for the dark hair of many Sudroy residents.

Usually, I'd follow up a paragraph like the one above by saying something like, "and I hope one day I can see that island and speak with the people myself." But that seems unnecessary now. I'll be there. In a few weeks. Am I excited? Yes. Yes, I am.



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