Thursday, June 04, 2009


From July 6, 2007, regarding Faroese tourism:
"We need some Americans to come here and spend some money," he says. Well, Unnamed Tourism Official, I'd like to be that American.

From August 31, 2007, after learning a Faroese town didn't have street names:
A note to the people of Tvøroyri: My current work contract ends in a few months. If you need someone to come over and name some streets for you, allow me to offer myself as a candidate. But be warned, at least one of your major roads will likely be called Workman Way.

From October 19, 2007, while describing a wintery day in the Faroes:
The green mountains are dusted with snow, and the villages take on a still, austere beauty. (Note to Faroe Islands Tourism Board: I can crank out copy like this in my sleep, call me.)

From February 15, 2008:
I'm dedicated to making 2009 The Year of the Faroes. Just don't tell my wife.

From March 28, 2008, after posting a picture of a Faroese flight attendant inviting me to the Faroe Islands:
Thomas put her up to writing the note, but I look forward to accepting similar invitation from the Faroese Tourism Board one day.

From May 10, 2008:
This week's Faroe photos come from the village of Gøta. Gøta plays(ed) host to the G! Festival and is a pretty spectacular setting for a music festival. Only 500 people live in the village, but they have their own football team. The area also figures prominently in an Icelandic saga.

As always, I hope I get to see it firsthand. (I'm looking at you, Faroese Tourist Board.)

More tomorrow.



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