Friday, July 17, 2009


Well, crunch time is upon us. In just a few short days I will actually be in the Faroe Islands. While I won't depart for the islands until Tuesday, my travels actually start later today. The whole family is headed to Phoenix... where it's supposed to get up to 116 degrees tomorrow, thus proving that if you want to get to heaven, you must first travel through hell.

But as long as I'm somewhere air conditioned, Arizona shouldn't be all that hellish. We'll be celebrating some birthdays and generally having some family togetherness.

So while I won't be leaving for the Faroes for another 5 days, I'm already fully packed for the trip. So now the excitement begins and all that's left is to count down the last few days.

For the first time, I'm actually getting a shade nervous about the trip. Last night I even had a dream where I was walking around Torshavn talking to people while they scowled at me and shook their heads with disapproval. Apparently, in the internal logic of the dream, I was doing something utterly unacceptable.

Perhaps I'm a bit worried about accidentally offending people while I'm there. I have always been a notoriously picky eater and it seems almost certain I will be offered a piece of whale meat to eat while I'm in the Faroes. What if I throw up.... on someone important... and spark an international incident?

But despite my paranoid ticks, I'm still beside myself with anticipation. I never thought this would actually happen. But it's going to happen. Just a few more days.



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