Wednesday, June 17, 2009


A year or two ago, a co-worker of Julie's got me some Wegman's cookies as a favor. You see, Wegman's is the greatest grocery store in the world, and they were an institution back in my hometown of Rochester. But I'm about 3,000 miles from the closest store, so any treat from their bakery makes my day.

The deal with that cookie shipment was that I would post some cute photos of Nate and Will as payment. So I did.

This week, another box of cookies arrived at my door, shipped FedEx overnight by the same co-worker of Julie's. This time I earned them by helping Julie out on a project, but I still feel like I owe some pictures. So here we go...
For the past several months, it has been extremely hard to get photos of Nate and Will in the same frame. In fact, Still photos of any kind have been difficult. They do like to run about. But now, it seems we have the opposite problem.

The photo above (Nate is on the left, Will on the right) was the first attempt to take any pictures of them for quite some time. With the exception of Will appearing to flip me the bird, the photo is pretty natural. But as soon as they realized the camera was out, they started with the cheesy smiles. Nate started first...
And pretty soon Will was infected, too...

Pretty soon, I was almost impossible to get Nate to stop. He just kept shouting, "cheese!"
Will, on the other hand, was able to pull off a slightly more natural smile...
But Nate was seriously in danger of breaking his face...
The smile-fest continued throughout breakfast.

But when mealtime was over, Nate was still on a mission to smile until it hurt.

By the end of the day we had to simply ice the guy's face down. Those smile injuries, they can be costly.



At 4:52 pm, Anonymous MR said...

Love those smiles!!! Especially the ones where they smiled so hard their eyes were closed! Thanks for posting, you have more than earned your cookies :-)


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