Sunday, November 07, 2010


With fall in full swing, Nate and Will went to the park with their mom, who was nice enough to snap a few pictures. Will enjoyed the leaves. Nate enjoyed the dandelions.
And they both enjoyed riding bikes... except Nate who isn't so much riding a bike as he is riding a girl's plastic tricycle. For heaven sakes, it's not even a Big Wheel, it's pink and purple plastic thing that was given to us for Eliza to ride. It's not like Nate doesn't have his own bike. Oh he does. He's got an AWESOME bike. He got it for Christmas. My boys can't read, so I'm free to tell you that Nate's bike is much better than Wills. But he won't ride it. Instead, he wants to ride this nonsense designed for a baby girl, not a four-year-old boy.

Ok, ok. This is becoming less and less wordless by the minute. I'll calm down. Here's the picture...


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