Friday, March 02, 2007


Well, pictures, really.

Nate (left) and Will (right) are more than seven months old, and they're slowly learning to do more stuff. They can both roll over and they're grabbing at things and generally exploring the world as much as they can. Neither of them are crawling, and for that I thank God every night. They can't really sit up, either, but they like trying. Will is the more physical of the two (better at jumping, rolling around, what have you), but he's actually worse at sitting up. So he's been making better friends with Nate, but with mixed results. It's a blurry photo, I know, but It's a pretty accurate representation of their relationship these days.

The changes Nate and Will are going through are pretty exciting. I'm really looking forward to the day when they can talk, even though I know that it still some distance away. But some of the changes already have us looking back on their short lives wistfully.

While they still look like babies, sometimes, in some situations, they can look like little boys. Check this out.That's Will in the middle...

Just kidding, Will is on the left. When I looked at this photo, Will looked different to me. He looked tired, and... well... older. Now the wise among you will rightly note that Will is, in fact, older, and will continue to become so for the remainder of his life. But in this picture... I don't know... I feel like I can see a flickering shadow of the person Will will become. I can't quite explain it. Meanwhile, Nate still looks like a baby in this picture.

But Nate is changing, too. He's been teething bigtime this week. Any day, we expect to see that a little tooth has erupted from his gums. When I realized this, I was actually a little sad. I will miss his gummy little smile. So, to close out this post, let's take one more look at it before it vanishes forever, or at least the next 90 years.

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At 10:07 pm, Blogger caramaena said...

awww, I love the smily pic. Baby smiles are so cute. In fact my very favourite baby smily photos are when they have the two bottom teeth. Adorable!

At 7:12 am, Blogger imitate said...

Seriously - are they just in a constant state of surprise?

So cute, Matt. They really are super adorable - and I think I can tell them apart now...


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